Spiro Ball
  • Needle tip shape minimizes danger of vein damage.
  • Large needle bore makes infusion easy
  • The needle point has been given a shape that is optimal for veinpuncture applications resulting in outstanding case of penetration.
  • The wings are of appropriate size and hardness making them easy to anchor in position resulting in minimum discomfort for the patient.
  • The high elasticity PVC tubing inhibits the formation of kinks making easy when indwelling.
  • The variety of sizes can correspond to a broad range of applications from blood transfusions to intravenous infusions.
Gauge O.D. of the Needle Color code Tube Length Canula Length Package
18G 1.27mm Pink 300mm 19mm, (3/4 ") 50 pcs./box, 2000 boxes/carton
19G 1.10mm Cream
20G 0.90mm Yellow
21G 0.80mm Deep Green
22G 0.70mm Black
23G 0.63mm Deep Blue
24G 0.55mm Purple
25G 0.50mm Orange
27G 0.40 mm Medium Grey