Spiro Ball
  • Needle tip has a "diamond point" shape that enables smooth penetration, and transmits resistance at needle tip to the fingers.
  • In addition to lumbar puncture needles, spinal needle equipped with three-way stopcocks that are convenient for other purposes, such as measuring CSF pressure, are also available
Clear outer hub

The outer hub IS clear and colorless. enabling the easy visualization of CSF flashback. The inner hub is color-coded according to ISO specifications.

Smooth penetration

The needle tip has a shape that enables smooth penetration and transmits the resistance at the needle tip to your fingers. The cannula and styles are precisely fitted and smoothly aligned at the tip of the needle. reducing tissue trauma.

Ordering informafon
Size O.D. Color code Needle length Package
18G 1.27mm Pink 89mm, 70mm 20 pcs./box, 100 boxes/carton
19G 1.10mm Cream
200 0.90mm Yellow
21G 0.80mm Deep Green
22G 0.70mm Black
23G 0.63mm Deep Blue
25G 0.50mm Orange
27G 0.41 mm Medium Grey


To assure safe and reliable penetration, a guide needle is available for use with the 27G spinal needle.

Guide needle
Size Needle length Package
For 27 G 32mm 20 pcs./box, 100 boxes/carton