Spiro Ball
For the extension of IV lines. Choose the tube length, size and connector type according to your needs.
Broad selection
  • Tube lengths range from 25 cm to 200 cm and are available in three sizes, including with locking connectors.
  • Just select the type suitable for the particular infusion or transfusion procedure.

Ordering information
Product No. Tube Length Tube Type Capacity Connector Type Package
X1-L25 250mm X1 0.3ml Male and Female connectors are both locking 50 pcs./box, 1000 boxes/carton
X1-L50 500mm 0.5ml
X1-L75 750mm 0.8ml
X1-L100 1000mm 1.0ml
X1-L120 1200mm 1.2ml
X1-L150 1500mm 1.5ml
X1-L200 2000mm 2.0ml
X2-L25 250mm X2 1.0ml
X2-L50 500mm 2.0ml
X2-L75 750mm 2.9ml
X2-L100 1000mm 3.9ml
X2-L120 1200mm 4.6ml
X2-L150 1500mm 5.8ml
X2-L200 2000mm 7.7ml
X3-L25 250mm X3 2.2ml
X3-L50 500mm 4.4ml
X3-L75 750mm 6.5ml
X3-L100 1000mm 8.6ml
X3-L120 1200mm 10.3ml
X3-L150 1500mm 12.9ml
X3-L200 2000mm 17.2ml
X1-FL25 250mm X1 0.3ml
X1-FL50 500mm 0.6ml
X1-FL75 750mm 0.8ml
X1-FL100 1000mm 1.0ml
X1-FL120 1200mm 1.2ml
X1-FL150 1500mm 1.5ml
X1-FL200 2000mm 20.ml
X2-FL25 250mm X2 1.1ml
X2-FL50 500mm 2.0ml
X2-FL75 750mm 3.0ml
X2-FL100 1000mm 3.9ml
X2-FL120 1200mm 4.7ml
X2-FL150 1500mm 5.8ml
X2-FL200 2000mm 7.7ml