Spiro Ball
Catheter material and tip shapes allow for easy insertion.
Can be easily inserted.

The TOP Nelaton Catheter is made of a material which has the right degree of flexibility, yet is soft to the touch. And the catheter surface has been embossed, so that insertion into the body is smooth. The distal end opening and the side eyes are smoothly contoured and free of sharp edges, minimizing tissue trauma In the urethra and bladder.

Variety of tip shapes and connector.

Al sizes from 8 Fr to 20 Fr have two ode eyes, and Luer-tapered catheters are available in both closed distal end and open distal end types. Nelaton catheters with a catheter taper adapter are closed distal end-type catheters. A Luer-top syringe or other device can be connected to the catheter taper adapter by cutting the adapter at the reference line. Nelaton catheters in sizes from 22 Fr to 26 Fr have an open distal end and one ode eye. All are catheter-tapered.

Length 33cm 40cm Package
Connecting end Leur-tapered Catheter-tapered Catheter-taper adapter
Distal end/Side eyes Closed distal end, Two side eyes Open distal end, Two side eyes Open distal end, one side eye Closed distal end, Two side eyes
Size Color code      
8 fr (#3) Light Blue Yes Yes - 50 pcs./box
10 fr (#5) Grey Yes Yes -
12 fr (#6) White Yes Yes -
14 fr (#7) Green Yes Yes -
16 fr (#9) Orange Yes Yes -
18 fr (#10) Red Yes Yes -
20 fr (#11) Yellow Yes Yes -
22 fr (#13) Violet - - Yes
24 fr (#14) Blue - - Yes
26 fr (#15) Pink - - Yes