Spiro Ball
  • Teflon outer needle is strong, yet thin-walled.
  • The clear hub of inner needle makes blood flashback easy to verify during venipuncture
Color Code 0.D.of Needle X Needle Length Gauge Package
Pink 1.0mm X 25mm 20G X 1" 50 pcs./box, 1000 boxes/carton
1.0mm X 32mm 20G X 1/4"
1.0mm X 51 mm 20G X 2"
Deep blue 0.8mm X 25mm 22G X 1"
0.8mm X 32mm 22G X 1 1/4"
Yellow 0.7mm X 13mm 24G X 1/2"
0.7mm X 16mm 24G X 5/8"
0.7mm X 19mm 24G X 3/4"
0.7mm X 25mm 24G X 1"